Presbytery Update May 20

Hello everyone,

Greetings from General Assembly 2024!

It gets a lot of bad press but the General Assembly is quite an amazing thing. It’s currently Monday at 18.00 and the debate about assisted dying is ongoing. There are thoughtful, reflective contributions delivered in a sensitive and pastoral way. This is an interim report exploring the range of issues associated with assisted dying; a final report will be offered to GA2025. Prior to this today, debate has ranged from the churches place in the world to the challenges of running a congregation post pandemic with everything in between and it is only Monday! A variety of people from Lothian and Borders have made contributions, which has been good to see.

This is your church!

We often think of our churches as being parochial but in reality we are part of a global family. We talk into the issues of the day and through it all we wrestle with questions of what it means to have faith in this world of ours. This is your church and it is something to be proud of. Please keep everyone here in your prayers as we progress through the week.

A couple of wee notices for you all as per below.

The place of Listening in Mission

Join with us online to hear Pete Anderson talk about their experience in Stewarton, Ayrshire of taking time to listen before engaging in new initiatives.

Wednesday June 5th 1430-1530

Meeting ID: 883 1692 5284

Passcode: 474367


Mental Health & Faith

Struggles with mental illness are so common these days.

How can a church become a sanctuary—a place where individuals living with mental health challenges feel safe, supported, and a sense of belonging? The Sanctuary Course was created to inspire and equip communities of faith that are asking this important question.

Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries -An introduction to the course, the vision & the change it can bring

Introduction to The Sanctuary Course - May Tickets, Thu 30 May 2024 at 13:00 | Eventbrite


God Bless

Norman Smith
Presbytery Clerk

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